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What the heck is this?

We are online shop. We are selling access to most popular paid m3u lists, where you can find live tv channels in the best possible quality and in the lowest prices on the web.

You can take your m3u list with you and watch your favourite tv shows everywhere you are.

But why you have to trust black text on the white backgroud written by someone? Better go UP and choose the RED pill!

Multiple devices

Selled m3u lists works on many types of devices. Wanna use Kodi? No problem. Android? iOS? Windows? Sure. Imagine...You can watch everywhere... EVERYWHERE...

Don't repeat yourself

Other m3u list doesn't have tv guide? You overlook it again? We provide TV guide that fits our lists. Now you will know when your fav show will be on.


We have our own Chat where you can get real support from our Helpdesk.


Best m3u lists on the web.

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